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No made up story here....we’re too nerdly for that. The real scoop is that Phil is a water scientist, PhD level (biofilm engineering, microbiology) and seems to have a propensity for making wines that are true. It all happens here at Winescape. Stick around and you’ll see us doing all the things. It’s probably good to say we’re you can rest assured that we’ve thought (over thought) everything through...from what type of French barrel is best for that what’s happening in our vineyard blocks this how do we get that fancy yeast here from Europe because we know it will just make the wine sing.” Yep, we’re that kind of people.

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Winescape is the 2023 WASHINGTON WINERY TO WATCH as named by Great Northwest Wine.
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Great Northwest Wine Invitational 2022:
Double-Platinum – 2018 Merlot Columbia Valley
Platinum – 2018 Field Trip Columbia Valley
Platinum – 2018 Marmot Incarnate Columbia Valley
Platinum – 2019 Marmot Incarnate Columbia Valley

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Address: 6011 East 32nd Avenue, Spokane, WA 99223 Hours: Our hours are Thursday - Sunday 2-7pm. Reservations not required, seating on if-available basis. Special requests email .

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